The Curve: Food Festival By The Beach

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The Curve’s Food Festival is back. This year, the Curve brings you Food Festival By The Beach. Mark your calendars, peeps. October 3rd – 6th. Bring your families and friends and enjoy a wide plethora of delicious food from a multitude of food vendors. 

When again? 3 – 6 Oct 2019. Where? Centre Court & Piazza at the Curve. What else? There would also be fun activities, like performances by buskers, daily from 3 – 6 Oct. There would be kids workshop, too. What’s more, all activities are free and open to all.

2Comot2 Seafood 
3House of Mee Rebus 
5Luth by Tumis 
6Mios Kitchen 
7Tumis @ Teck5 
8Kapten Pisang 
9Petite Kuih 
10My Own Bakes 
11Keropok Tok Yam 
13Skinny Bakers 
14Pedot Lamb Grill 
16Crazy Cheezy 
17AT Cupcakes 
18AT Cupcakes 
19Kazen Kitchen 
20Nasi Kerabu House 

Food Trucks at The Piazza – Food Truck

1Dr Teddy Food Labs 
2Vietnamese Style 
3Aneka Sup Utara 
4Dutch Pasta 
5Mat Utara Ice Blended 
8Achutra Sekali 
10Taste of Legend 
11Faros Food Truck 
13Kayaraya Cafe 
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