Disconnect To Connect

Smartphones and tablets are an inescapable reality of today’s world – we love and need them. They give us the power to connect with family, friends, and our work.

However, when it comes to our children – from birth through to third grade – these devices can become a barrier to direct interaction. It is time to Disconnect To Connect.

It’s Simple

Young children only learn language through interacting with parents and loved ones who talk, read, and sing to them.

Reading aloud introduces new words, grammar and concepts that may now be used in regular talking. An average children’s book may have around 500 words – these add up fast.

There is no substitute for YOU. You are your child’s first and most important teacher.

There is no such things as ‘too old’ for reading aloud. Don’t stop when they start school. Even independent readers benefit greatly from reading aloud with a loved one.

For your child’s sake, make device-free time for your family and be sure to read aloud for at least 15 minutes every day.

This content was originally published by readaloud.org in the form of an infographic poster. The entirety of information contained in this article has been reproduced with permission from readaloud.org

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