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Greeting visitors at the entrance is a huge dining area. Designed with kids in mind, the floor is painted yellow, accentuating a sense of cheerfulness and fun – a gorgeous choice of colour for a welcoming, friendly atmosphere.

Neatly appointed tables – paired with colourful chairs; arranged in such a way to provide ample space for visitors to walk through the aisles without having to shuffle sideways.

Near the window, enclosed by a row of seating spaces in a semicircular formation is a dedicated play area for the children to play with LEGO bricks. The play area is big enough to accommodate 8 to maybe 10 children at a time. 

Parents can dine in peace while watching their child learning through play with LEGO bricks at this play area; a great option for parents with younger children. You may sit anywhere on any of those seats and you can still see your child playing in the play area. Not forgetting, there are baby chairs, too. This small play area is a nod to the carefree, children-always-welcome atmosphere.

The menu is delightful and delicious. Parents are spoiled for choice with an extensive breakfast and lunch menu. The BLOKKE cafe offers a delicious range of meals for parents and an extensive menu of kids favourites; from Asian to Western menus. And they’re all freshly made on the premises. 

The second play area, which is precisely what BLOKKE is known for, is situated further inside behind the cashier counter. The kids are in absolute heaven at this massive play area with a huge ball pit to jump in, slides to get into, a variety of play structures to try on, climbing structure, trampoline and of course, LEGO bricks of varying colours, shapes and sizes. The play area also features kid-sized traffic markings like a roundabout, traffic lanes and crosswalks; it is the city in miniature.

BLOKKE maintains a rigorous maintenance schedule involving regular cleanings, inspections and updates of play equipment.

Planning a LEGO-themed birthday party or private event? BLOKKE has just the right space and packages for you. Host any occasion at BLOKKE with ease and no cleanup. Their dedicated event spaces are comfortable, family-friendly and spacious and the menu runs the gamut from simple kid-friendly fare like Macaroni and Cheese to fancier options like Grilled Salmon and Mashed Potato, among others.

Located in Citta Mall Ara Damansara, BLOKKE cafe is a cornucopia of fun and excitement that you simply must check out; a great place for everyone of all ages.

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