The School of You

Before elementary school. Before kindergarten. Before preschool. Your child is learning. Not just learning—learning at lightning speed, from the day he or she is born.

From birth to age 5, your baby’s brain will make trillions of connections between billions of neurones. Brain size doubles during first year, and by age 3, a child’s brain has nearly reached its adult weight.

Your baby’s ability to learn language will be unprecedented. Her vocabulary will grow at an exponential rate. Your child will learn new concepts. She will gain pre-literacy skills. She will build foundations for her future knowledge.

But just how much she will learn will be up to you. If you waste his window of opportunity, she may never catch up. If you wait, it’s too late. Nobody is in a position to teach, nurture, talk, sing, or read aloud like YOU can.

No matter your job or your education level. Whether you are the mother or the father. The grandmother or the nanny. The caring neighbour or the family friend. You are the person who can make a difference that will last your child’s lifetime.

You can – you must – be your child’s first and most important teacher. Start today. Start now. Read aloud 15 minutes, today and every day, and grow your child’s brain.

This content was originally published by in the form of an infographic poster. The entirety of information contained in this article has been reproduced with permission from

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