Pasar Seloka at Rumah Tangsi

Established in 2013, Pasar Seloka is best known for its vibrant, colourful series of pop-up events. Founded by a group of like-minded designers, Pasar Seloka aims to a) bring to the fore products or services from local artisans, independent makers and homegrown brands, and b) educate shoppers on the value of conscious consumerism

PASAR SELOKA believe that we can help reimagining the shopping experience by putting together a large scale community shopping event where shoppers can rediscover the pleasure of buying high quality, beautifully designed products all in one place, directly from the maker themself. Here our shoppers can hear their story, touch, try on and see the products before they buy, find out their process, ask question, and get inspiredPasar Seloka

In this day and age where online shopping thrives, Pasar Seloka seeks to provide a platform that can serve as a point of meaningful interactions between makers and buyers, providing them both with such experiences and values they can’t get anywhere else.

Pasar Seloka is more than just an event. Pasar Seloka is an event with a moral obligation to create an inspiring community of creatives, and highlight locally produced goods and services – all under one roof, directly from the makers themselves.

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