Spotlight: SuperPark Malaysia

Unstoppable fun for everyone

A clean, massive and imaginative indoor playground can be a godsend when the weather isn’t being helpful. Looking to entertain the kids when it’s too hot or too cold outside? There is no better alternative than an indoor playground.

Pack up, go for a drive and visit one of the many indoor playgrounds operating throughout the Klang Valley. SuperPark is one of them. 

Originating from Finland, SuperPark Malaysia is an all-in-one indoor activity park for kids and families of all ages. 

Taneli Sutinen had a moment of inspiration as he watched his daughter play at a small indoor activity park. As he tried to relax over a newspaper and a doughnut, he couldn’t seem to catch a break. His daughter insisted that he play with her. As he tried to navigate the tiny children’s activities with his daughter, he thought to himself- “There has to be a better way…” It was at this moment that the idea of SuperPark was born” – SuperPark

With both children and parents in mind

SuperPark is a wonderland not only for children but also for adults. All the play equipment at SuperPark has been thoroughly designed with both children and parents in mind. SuperPark seeks to offer such a place where parents can play with their kids together, side by side. 

Joyful play to all Malaysians

SuperPark offers 3 themed areas, namely, The Adventure Area, The Game Area and The Freestyle Hall. Each area carries its own unique set of activities, fun, and challenges.

In total, there are over 26 fun-filled activities at SuperPark. Not forgetting, there’s also an Ice Skating rink. 

  1. Adventure City
  2. Skate And Scoot World
  3. Superball
  4. Superhoop
  5. Kids Gym
  6. Sliding Mountain
  7. Super Pinball
  8. Ninja Track
  9. Kids Trampoline
  10. Street Basketball
  11. Flying Fox
  12. Air Hockey
  13. Foosball
  14. Street Soccer Court
  15. Pedal Car
  16. Disc Golf
  17. Ice Skating
  18. Kids Gymnastic
  19. Augmented Climbing Wall
  20. Robokeeper
  21. Tube Slide
  22. Superclimb
  23. Baseball
  24. Trampoline
  25. Super Bowling
  26. I-Wall

SuperPark aims to bring the joyful play to all Malaysians from all walks of life. Apart from a whole host of activities and play areas, SuperPark also caters for birthday parties, school groups and corporate social events as well as sports clubs. 

Kindly contact SuperPark Malaysia for more details. They can be reached at +603 2789 1408 (9 am – 6 pm). Or, drop them an email at For corporate events, kindly email them at

“SuperPark is the stuff of dreams. Even the dreams of big kid like me! We are so proud of the concept we have created here, and dare to share it with as many people as possible – all around the planet” – SuperPark

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