5 Tips To Ensure Baby Gets Enough Quality Sleep While Traveling

Is our little one getting enough quality sleep? Sleep is important at all ages. Quality sleep isn’t only good for babies but also for parents. And how much sleep a child needs each day depends on age. The following are the recommended hours of sleep a baby may need between the ages of one month and 12 months.

AgeDaytime sleepNight-time sleepTotal sleep
Newborn8hrs (3 naps)8hrs 30mins16hrs 30mins
One month6hrs to 7hrs (3 naps)8hrs to 9 hrs14hrs to 16hrs
Three months4hrs to 5hrs (3 naps)10hrs to 11hrs14hrs to 16hrs
Six months3hrs (3 naps)11hrs14hrs
Nine months2hrs 30mins (2 naps)11hrs13hrs 30mins
12 months2hrs 30mins (2 naps)11hrs13hrs 30mins

Travelling with a newborn can be very challenging. The thought of bottles, formula, jars, and bibs can overwhelm us. Bottle-feeding and breastfeeding; each has several “extra” things we need to take into account before we set off to travel.

What about their nap time and bedtime routines? Keep these five tips in mind to ensure your newborn get enough quality sleep when travelling.

  • Follow the same nap time and bedtime routines you have established at home. Don’t forget to bring your baby’s favourite toys. It can as well be pillows, blankets or even books.
  • Try your best to stay outdoors most of the time during the day (but close to where you’re staying). Do some outdoor activities. This will help your baby unwind and fall asleep easier later at night.
  • Invest in a good portable travel crib; one that offers good support and comfortable mattress. Your baby’s quality sleep is worth the investment.
  • You may try sleep-inducing apps that offer lullabies and soothing sounds to help your baby fall asleep. They are many out there and are available both on IOS and Google Play Store.
  • Make sure your daily activities are planned around your baby’s nap schedule. Let your baby sleep at least once a day in the travel crib.


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