COVID-19: Dear Malaysian Politicians

Dear Malaysian Politicians,

Lest you forget, we’re in the middle of the health crisis. COVID-19 is now a pandemic. Originated in Wuhan, China, Europe has now become the new epicentre of the pandemic.

Italy is now in a major lockdown. The US has announced restrictions on 26 European countries. 39 countries have announced or implemented school or university closures. A range of professional sporting and major events has been cancelled, among others.

We began to see the early impacts of the outbreak. It crippled tourism. It impeded social gatherings of all forms, thereby affecting a whole host of industries and businesses.

Dear Malaysian politicians, what we ask is this. May you please, put your petty squabbles on hold. Your power struggle can wait. As you can see, we have far bigger problems.

Your sole focus should be the wellbeing of all Malaysians. It’s high time that you, in every respective ministry, start coordinating efforts to facilitate our health workers to tackle COVID-19. Be the absolute best at whatever your job may be.

Yours sincerely,

(1.10AM, March 15th. 2020)

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