5 Things To Do Before Your Child Begins Piano Lessons

Learning a musical instrument is an exciting time in a child’s life. Starting piano lessons with your child early can be beneficial for them. It’s common to feel the need to ‘get it right’ when it comes to your child’s musical development. If you have never played the piano before, knowing what and how to get it right can seem even more daunting. Worry not, below is a list of things you can do before your child starts piano lessons.

1. Listen to music. Sing together

Play some music in your home. Doing this can enrich your child’s music listening experience. Sing with your child. Singing develops so many music skills that your child will use later as a piano student.

2. Buy a piano and a stool that’s height adjustable

Having a piano at home makes practice easy. Your child will not make progress without a piano at home with which they can practice between lessons. And, having a seat at the right height can make a big difference. 

3. Check out performances together

It’s pretty easy to watch piano performances on the internet these days. Co-watch them with your child. Go to live performances. Seeing art in action can motivate your children to want to play the piano.

4. Make sure your child is ready

Children need to reach a certain level of both physical and mental development to be ready for piano lessons. Read our article on The Best Age To Start Music Lessons.

5. Music centre in your area

Call, enquire and visit the music centre you planned to enrol your child to. Read reviews and ask other parents who sent their child to that music centre. Visit and talk to the teacher. Ask about anything. It can be how the fee structure works or how many classes in a week.

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