30% Discount: Home Education Accelerator Program

Magdalena and Witold Matulewicz, our child development and home learning experts from Natural Born Leaders, are gifting all our readers a 30% discount to their Home Education Accelerator program.

It’s the world’s first self-paced online program for Parents and Carers who want to support their children’s life-long self-directed learning at home – whether after school, out of school, or full-time.

To use the discount code, you first need to sign up. The first module of the Accelerator program is FREE. If you decide to purchase full access to the entire program, just put in the discount code “emakayah30” at checkout.

Please direct all of your questions regarding the Home Education Accelerator to Witold and Magdalena at info@naturalbornleaders.org.

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HOME EDUCATION ACCELERATOR ™ Training Program for Parents and Carers

Would you like to fully support your children to learn to their Full Potential and help them develop Future-Oriented Life Skills?

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