MamyPoko Unveils World’s First Anti-Mosquito Diaper

Experts Joins Panel Session to Raise Awareness on the Dangers of Dengue.

Kuala Lumpur, 22 September — MamyPoko launched its latest MamyPoko Extra Dry Protect diaper, the world’s first mosquito repelling diaper that utilises patented Japanese technology to help parents protect their babies.

Speaking at the product launch held at AEON Taman Maluri in Cheras, Managing Director of Unicharm Malaysia, Hirotaka Taki, said “At MamyPoko, we believe strongly in not only providing the utmost comfort for babies, but also providing parents with peace of mind when it comes to their little ones’ wellbeing. We believe that the introduction of the MamyPoko Extra Dry Protect diaper will be able to ease some of the worries parents face when it comes to protecting their children from the dangers of dengue.”

While focus on dengue has been pushed to the backburner due to the current global COVID-19 pandemic, the dangers of dengue are still very much prevalent. Their latest innovation, the MamyPoko Extra Dry Protect diaper uses Japan patented technology to capture lemongrass extract in microcapsules, which are embedded onto the surface of the diaper tapes.

A well known natural repellent, the lemongrass extract in the microcapsules will be activated when rubbed or scratched, releasing a pleasant scent that repels mosquitoes. The extract is proven to be safe for babies, alcohol-free and DEET-free with the diaper straps requiring no skin contact so parents will not need to worry.

The launch of the MamyPoko Extra Dry Protect diaper was also accompanied by a panel session, with experts Senior Lecturer, Department of Medical Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine, University Malaya Dr Nurhafiza binti Zainal and Associate Prof. Dr. Gan Chin Seng, Head of Paediatric Intensive Care Unit, University of Malaya Medical Centre alongside Unicharm Malaysia’s marketing director, Makoto Anezaki to discuss the dangers of dengue and the importance of taking necessary precautions in dengue prevention.

Speaking during the panel session, Dr. Nurhafiza said “The dengue virus is especially dangerous as there are four different strains and we only develop immunity to each strain after recovering from it. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure and we should do all that we can to protect our young ones.”

When asked about the number of dengue cases involving children and babies, Prof. Dr. Gan said, “There were approximately 30,000 paediatric cases of dengue last year. As we have yet to discover a cure or effective vaccine for dengue, we can only do our best in protecting our children and babies through acts of prevention.”

Makoto Anezaki also mentioned, “Dengue has always been a concern for parents and the thought of our children contracting it is worse. The introduction of the MamyPoko Extra Dry Protect diaper is part of our initiative to help parents protect their children from the dengue virus.”

MamyPoko Malaysia has also partnered with AEON Retail to donate RM1.00 to the Malaysian AEON Foundation for every 1 pack of MamyPoko Extra Dry Protect purchased from any of their outlets, starting from now until 31st October 2020, with a goal of 10,000 packs sold.

AEON Deputy Management Director, Mr Hiroyuki Kotera says, “We’ve decided to partner with MamyPoko as we not only believe strongly in their mission to raise awareness about the dangers of dengue, and to provide parents with a simple yet effective way to protect their children – but also because we would like to support them in their fight against dengue.”

Products are currently available for purchase in major retail outlets and online, with sizes ranging from M to XL. Selected outlets are having an introductory price offer at RM39.99 per pack.

Taking A Simple Step To Protect

Alongside its product launch, MamyPoko has also launched its awareness campaign, urging parents to take one simple step at home in the effort to fight dengue and protect their children. Visit their website at to sign up and take action now to show your support to this cause.

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