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Teenage Rebellion: How To Make Rules A Teenager Actually Listens

What Is Teenage Rebellion? Teenage rebellion is normal; it plays an important part in adolescent growth. According to Carl E Pickhardt PhD, a psychologist and author of more than 15...

Dating Guidelines For Your Teens

Like it or not, your teenage sons/daughters will soon going through this phase; boys meet girls, vice versa, and they fall in love for dating is a big part of your child's adolescent development. It can be sooner than you think.

4 Quick Tips For Starting Your Baby on Solid Food

Introducing your baby to solid food can be equally exciting and challenging. As parents, we play a very crucial role in our child's very first experience with solid food. The following are 4 quick tips to get you off to a good start.

What Type of Preschool: Earlier Isn’t Always Better

Most preschools typically begin accepting children at around age 2 ½. But that doesn't mean your child is ready for preschool when s/he reaches that age. Some preschools are already offering academic-oriented...

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Pentingnya Bermain: Kenapa Kanak-Kanak Perlu Bermain

Hak Setiap Anak Bermain adalah penting untuk perkembangan optimum kanak-kanak. Setiap kanak-kanak mesti diberi ruang dan peluang untuk bermain. Istilah bermain ini telah diklasifikasikan dalam...

Pendekatan Popular Pendidikan Awal Kanak-Kanak: Memahami Montessori, Waldorf & Reggio Emilia

Montessori, Waldorf, dan Reggio Emilia adalah tiga pendekatan utama pendidikan awal kanak-kanak. Ketiga-tiga pendekatan ini bukan sahaja popular di Eropah, tetapi juga di seluruh...

Family Friendly Restaurants & Cafes In KL & Selangor (2020)

Becoming a parent is one thing, dining out as one is another. Parents with young kids ourselves, we understand how hard it could get...

Pendidikan Muzik: Mengapa Kanak-Kanak Perlu Belajar Muzik

Muzik sesungguhnya bersifat universal Muzik adalah bersifat universal. Satu kajian dari Universiti Harvard mendedahkan bahawa muzik sebenarnya mempunyai satu set kod dan corak unik yang...

Membaca Kepada Kanak-Kanak: Pentingnya Literasi Awal

Manfaat Kognitif Sains telah mengesahkan apa yang sudah kita agak dan ketahui selama ini—membaca kepada/bersama kanak-kanak mempunyai manfaat kognitif yang jelas. Beberapa lagi kajian lain...

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