Women's Aid Organisation

Women's Aid Organisation (WAO) is a non-religious NGO based in Malaysia, committed to ending violence against women. WAO provides shelter and crisis support to survivors of gender-based violence and also advocates for women's human rights.

Stay-at-home Dads: Fatherhood, Gender Stereotypes And The Potential Of Shared Parenting

Prior to the 1960s, fathers were seen to be superfluous to family life Recently, narratives on fatherhood are slowly and surely becoming more...

Suri Rumah Lelaki: Peranan Bapa, Stereotaip Gender & Perkongsian Tanggungjawab

Kepentingan bapa dalam perkembangan psikologi anak-anak dan kesejahteraannya Sejak kebelakangan ini, peranan bapa semakin mendapat perhatian dalam media dan menjadi topik perbincangan. Sudah...

Mengapa Cuti Paterniti Penting Untuk Para Bapa

Adakah para bapa memainkan peranan penting dalam membesarkan anak-anak? Sementara para ibu sentiasa dilihat sebagai wirawati bagi sesebuah rumahtangga, para bapa juga turut...

Why Dads Should Take Paternity Leave

Do fathers play an equal and important role in raising a child?  There is only so much that one person can do. While...

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