Garis Panduan Pembukaan Sekolah Pasca PKP

Pasca PKP Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia KPM telah menyediakan panduan pembukaan sekolah pasca PKP. Garis panduan ini merangkumi sesi persekolahan bagi: Kelas peperiksaan sahaja (SPM, SVM, STPM dan...

Klinik & Hospital Swasta Berdaftar Dengan Kelulusan Untuk Melakukan Pemeriksaan Covid-19

Kuala Lumpur, May 18 - Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) telah menyediakan senarai klinik dan hospital swasta berdaftar di seluruh negara yang boleh menyediakan pemeriksaan...

COVID-19: Post-MCO SOP For Early Childhood Centres

The National Early Childhood Intervention Council Malaysia has outlined in detail standard operating policy (SOP) to guide early childhood centres to take precautionary measures to curb the spread...

The Future Of Higher Education Has Begun

Commentary by Prema Ponnudurai, Head of Department, Department of Liberal Arts & Humanities, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Taylor’s University. Recently, an article from...

Home Education Accelerator - Training Program for Parents & Carers

Learn how to offer Future-Oriented Personalised Holistic Home Learning! You can easily support your children's learning at home - without any planning or disruptions to your everyday family life!

Active Learning Booster - Training Program for Early Childhood & Primary Teachers

Online Interactive Teacher Training Program to help you offer Future-Oriented Early Childhood and Early Primary Education based on Active Experiential Holistic Learning!

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