Music Education

Pendidikan Muzik: Usia Terbaik Untuk Mula Belajar Muzik

Banyak manfaat belajar muzik Pendidikan muzik awal adalah penting. Belajar bermain alat muzik akan menjadi salah satu kemahiran yang paling bermanfaat yang anak anda...

Music Education: Why Kids Should Learn Music

Music is in fact universal Music is a universal language. A study from Harvard University revealed that music has a set of unique codes and patterns that...

Music Education: Choosing The Right Instrument For Your Child

The best instrument for your child Read our previous article on music education, Music Education: Why Kids Should Learn Music. Here's an age-by-age guide when your...

Music Education: The Best Age To Begin Music Lessons

The benefits of studying music are many Early music education is important. Learning to play a musical instrument, will be one of the most rewarding...

Home Education Accelerator - Training Program for Parents & Carers

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Active Learning Booster - Training Program for Early Childhood & Primary Teachers

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