Read Aloud

Where Will Books Take You (4 to 5)

Hang on tight! You're the best advertisement for reading... so get excited, this is going to be fun!

Where Will Books Take You (Birth to 3 Years)

Make a splash! Get excited, this is going to be fun. Enthusiasm is infectious, make sure your child catches it.

The School of You

Before elementary school. Before kindergarten. Before preschool. Your child is learning. Not just learning—learning at lightning speed, from the day he...

Membaca Kepada Kanak-Kanak: Pentingnya Literasi Awal

Manfaat Kognitif Sains telah mengesahkan apa yang sudah kita agak dan ketahui selama ini—membaca kepada/bersama kanak-kanak mempunyai manfaat...

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