Read Aloud

Build Baby’s Brain With Books

From birth to 12 months, it's about sounds, words, & feelings Newborn Start now! A nurturing family routine of reading aloud every day from birth will help your baby...

Disconnect To Connect

Smartphones and tablets are an inescapable reality of today's world - we love and need them. They give us the power to connect with family, friends, and our work. However, when...

High Stakes For Parents

Parents, it's up to you! The first few years of life are critical in your child's brain development. Make the most of this window. If you wait, it's too late.

Get In The Habit Of Asking Questions: Three Types – Reading Isn’t Passive

When reading aloud, it's not just about the story - it's also about engaging your children's brains. There are 3 basic types of questions to help young minds expand and develop.

Reading Aloud To Children: Why It’s Important

Cognitive Benefits Science has confirmed what you already knew; reading aloud to children has clear cognitive benefits. Several studies continue to prove just that. One of which was a study published in the...