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Building Strong Family Relationships: 10 Quick Tips

1. Setting A Good Example Kids learn by example. They see things that parents do more often than they listen to what parents say; a...

Helping Your Teens With Homework

Homework can get more intense as your teens begin their secondary education. Inevitably, grades begin to matter more. Take into account the fact that your...

Teenage Rebellion: How To Make Rules A Teenager Actually Listens

What Is Teenage Rebellion? Teenage rebellion is normal; it plays an important part in adolescent growth. According to Carl E Pickhardt PhD, a psychologist and...

Talking To Your Child About Social Media

Social media and the internet; they're not designed with children in mind. While there are many ways social media can be used in a positive way, there are also ways where its use can be easily abused.

Home Education Accelerator - Training Program for Parents & Carers

Learn how to offer Future-Oriented Personalised Holistic Home Learning! You can easily support your children's learning at home - without any planning or disruptions to your everyday family life!

Active Learning Booster - Training Program for Early Childhood & Primary Teachers

Online Interactive Teacher Training Program to help you offer Future-Oriented Early Childhood and Early Primary Education based on Active Experiential Holistic Learning!

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